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What 2021 brings to postal services

Since the end of 2020 is not far away it is suitable to stop and think what the next year may bring. Postplus CEO Gunnar Aru and CCO Mihhail Rutenberg, shared some thoughts about topic that matter to postal service sector the most.

Mike: “I guess cross-border B2C logistics will continue rapid (double digit %) growth in 2021. There will be a lot of mess in the EU e-commerce trade in 2021, due to the fact of VAT de minimis of 22 EUR elimination on the 1st of July.” Gunnar: ”It means low value parcels should be declared, and more non-postal companies will be active in the local market besides designated postal operators. Postplus will also be building up a network with local non-postal companies. Focusing on new product development and continuing growth of sales.” Mike and Gunnar think that customers will become more and more demanding for better price and quality. “Out of the box solutions will be something they will encourage us to develop” says Mike. “They search one stop shopping, expecting wide range of services/products to cover their needs,” adds Gunnar. Board members assure that they try to comply with customers demands and even exceed them. Although sometimes this is impossible or barely achievable. “Here, technology comes in. Next year the importance of IT solutions grows further,” Mike admits. “We understand the core role of technological developments in our business and are constantly investing in the IT developments. Now, we are in the process of onboarding new position in our company CIO (Chief IT Officer), who will be responsible for realization of IT strategy of Post+.” “Reliable and customer friendly solutions with automation processes in order to increase operational efficiency as well as customer service will be something we are focusing on.” agrees Gunnar with him.